Project background

Intland Software is the developer of codeBeamer ALM, a fully integrated and scalable enterprise Application Lifecycle Management software platform.

The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with a U.S. office
in the Silicon Valley, CA, and distributors worldwide.

codeBeamer ALM offers all-round functionality for Requirements Management, Software Development, QA & Testing, Risk Management, Product Variants Management & more, all relying on a single central repository for gapless traceability.

codeBeamer ALM is used by large global enterprises such as Medtronic, LG, Daimler, Samsung, and Dassault Falcon Jet to maintain control over lifecycle processes, and to ensure compliance with relevant standards (ISO/SPICE/CMMI, and EU MDR or US FDA medical standards) in the development of cutting- edge embedded products

Intland Software serves 500,000+ users worldwide with cutting-edge products and services, including global innovators as well as small and medium enterprises.

The project

codeBeamer ALM was a cutting-edge tool, however, the awareness of the tool was relatively low in the industry in  2013.

As a contracted Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist, Eva was hired in September 2013 with the request to optimize the company’s online presence including creating high-traffic and lead-converting contents, developing and executing SEO strategy; managing search engine and social media campaigns as well as evaluating, selecting and integrating marketing automation providers into the marketing activities.

SEO Audit & SEO Strategy Development

The SEO audit provided a better insight into the product positioning, and website, individual pages and overall traffic of Intland Software.

During the audit, the following were analyzed:

  1. Technical analysis
  2. On-Page analysis
  3. Off-Page analysis
  4. Competitive analysis and keyword research

Based on the audit’s results, a SEO strategy was developed to improve performance allowing Intland Software to rank better in the SERPs.  A conversion funnel was created to guide users based on levels of product awareness.

Developing content

While existing, marketing-focused contents were repurposed, an editorial calendar was established and new content were created for various target groups including managing directors, chief technology officers, Scrum masters, developers, project managers and users.  The contents were high-quality, substantial, and relevant but it was written with both search engines and users in mind

The content was continuously audited and evaluated. It was regularly measured that it has achieved its goals and increased ROI. It was also checked that the content was accurate, relevant for the different target groups. The editorial calendar was continuously optimized based on the results of the ongoing evaluation of the content.

Setting up Marketing Automation

Thanks to the successful content strategy, Intland Software started to receive hundreds of leads a day.

It became important to evaluate marketing automation software, integrate the selected one into the daily marketing activity and setup workflows for different target groups and campaigns. 

By automating time-consuming, manual tasks, setting up proper workflows and lead scoring systems, the goals of sales and marketing were better aligned, sales-qualified leads were easily identified and  lead conversion and ROI were improved.

Results: Growing traffic & awareness and more SQLs

500 % increase in traffic in 4 years

55% increase in non-branded clicks

150% increase in MQLs and SQLs

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