MyCentrope was launch in 2011, and the website was offering information about Centrope, the central European region made up of parts of four countries, was launched in Vienna in late October by representatives of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Extensive information was offered on the website,, about cultural events, leisure activities and shopping opportunities in all four languages of the region. The concept of the Centrope region, with a combined population of about 6.5 million, was officially launched in 2003 by representatives of communities in southern Moravia, eastern Austria, Bratislava and its environs, and western Hungary. The goal of the initiative was to create a prosperous region in the heart of Europe through better cross-border cooperation.

“With Centrope, we made a region in the middle of Europe which will enable us to compete with big regions of western Europe,” said Rudi Schicker, a Vienna Councillor. The sponsors of the website hoped that it helps Centrope’s various parts to “grow together” more quickly while increasing its competitiveness and prosperity and luring new customers to local businesses. Media and advertising companies from all four countries and one Austrian bank were the backbone of the project.