Project Background

Tresorit is a world leading SaaS service supplying encrypted ended to end cloud storage.  The service is supplied with Zero-knowledge, which means that the service provider has no access and can’t view customers files.

The company is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.  From this location Tresorit serves customers from 193 countries with a cloud storage and collaboration  from servers based in Switzerland.

Today more than 10,000 organizations use Tresorit worldwide.

During its early days, the Tresorit team greatly benefited from launching a privacy product at the very time when Edward Snowdon was hitting the headlines in 2013.  

The many subsequent privacy scandals have reinforced the need for Tresorit and grown demand, and consequently the product received a lot of attention and free PR. 

However, by 2016, Tresorit was undergoing growing pains, having just released a major version update, it could no longer be passive on marketing efforts to drive organic traffic. 

The project

Tresorit was a cutting-edge tool, however, the awareness of the tool was relatively low in the industry in 2016.

As a contracted Content and SEO Specialist, Richard was hired in June 2016 with the request to optimize the company’s online presence including creating high-traffic and lead-converting contents, developing and executing SEO strategy and manage search engine optimization.

SEO Audit & Developing SEO Strategy

The SEO audit provided a better insight into the product positioning, website, and overall traffic of Tresorit.

During the audit, the following were analyzed:

  1. Technical analysis
  2. On-Page analysis
  3. Off-Page analysis
  4. Competitive analysis and keyword research

Based on the audit’s results, a SEO strategy was developed to improve performance of existing content and thereby enabled Tresorit to rank better in the SERPs.

Product Marketing GAP Analysis

The SEO audit provided a better insight into the website, individual pages and overall traffic of Tresorit.

During the Product Marketing and GAP analysis the following were analyzed:

  1. Language Analysis (non native language terminology usuage)
  2. Content Audit
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Audience Analysis
  5. Keyword research

Based on the audit’s results, an SEO strategy was developed to improve performance allowing Tresorit to rank better in the SERPs.

The outcome of this work can be seen in the adjacent image.

Developing content

While existing, marketing-focused contents were repurposed, an editorial calendar was re-worked and new contents were created for various target groups.  It was written with both search engines and users in mind

The content was continuously audited and evaluated. It was regularly measured and optimized until it achieved the goals of increasing ROI. 

The content was carefully produced with SEO in mind and accurate, highly relevant for the different target groups. The editorial calendar was continuously optimized based on the results of the ongoing evaluation of the content.

We proof read content from 3rd party writers, both partners and experts in the security field.

Results: Growing traffic & awareness and more SQLs

54% increase in average weekly visits

55% increase in non-branded clicks

50% decrease in bounce rate

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